How We Started

Central Day Care Centre was started in 1971 by Cathy Seward, who wanted to develop a place where children came to learn in a comfortable, like-home setting. In 1997, Laura Martindale and Florence Kuhnen took over the centre – continuing on with Cathy’s vision.

Throughout the years we have grown and take great pride in the children we have met and watched grow. We made some of incredible memories at our first location, as well as some everlasting friends.

In 2000, we took over Westmount Children’s Centre, renovated it and adopted the same philosophy and mandate as our Central location. The importance of that “at home” feel has been carried to this location as well.

Diverse & Inclusive

At Central we value the respect for diversity, equity and inclusion. Although both locations are not wheelchair accessible, we do our best to accommodate children of all developmental abilities.

The programs offer a wide variety of the choice, opportunities, materials and interactions appropriate for your child's stage of development. These opportunities will enhance and allow the child to plan, monitor, revise, reflect, investigate and solve problems. The opportunities that the children explore will be documented and posted for parents to see where the learning is happening. We encourage families to ask us about these documents, should they have any questions.

Learning Through Play

A daily program presents activities and materials that are laid out based on observations of the children’s interests. These interests cover many of the explorations of play that are provided throughout the day including, sensory experiences, library/cozy areas, pretend play, blocks, fine motor and gross motor activities. These plans are developed for both indoors and outdoors. 

Our Programs

Our curriculum is based on the Early Learning Framework, and will grow as we become more familiar with the expectations and transition into the new way of thinking. As outlined in the framework, "the early years set the foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour, health and well-being."

Respect and Care

Each child is a unique person whose individuality is to be respected and encouraged. The goal of our centre is to not only provide a positive extension of the home for children, but also to be responsive to parents’ needs in a play-based environment.
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